Fuel Control

Highly flexible more secure

Fuel Control

Highly flexible operations with PetroTech POS

Reduce the trouble of manual fuel approval by incorporating an automated fuel management system into your fuelling stations. PetroTech POS provides a robust platform that allows operators to track and account for fuel inventory and fuel pumps to meet strict reporting requirements. PetroTech POS includes the most comprehensive software, for all your actions like approve, terminate, open, close, pause and resume.

It is all about the direct relationship between the operational flexibility and the security

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

PetroTech POS has additional security over pump level security to manage access control for fuelling. No one can access the fuel nozzle without having proper authorization. The operator can easily turn the pump off or on with the touch of a button.

Pause and resume

Pause and resume

PetroTech POS has this built-in feature where you can hold a transaction for the desired time and continue from where you left, and this allows for smoother operation for both the operator and the customer.

Approve & terminate

Approve & terminate

PetroTech POS provides the ability to approve the fuelling with a single accept button to fuel up for the predefined limit. The operator can any time terminate or resume the transaction in between.

Open and Close

Open and Close

PetroTech POS empowers operators to regulate all the pumps with a simple open or close function. The Close service will suppress all the capability to operate the store at the station until the Open operation reactivates all the pump again.

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Our Features

Cloud-Based Data

Database back-up and remote access highly secures your data

Multilingual Support

24X7 Customer support in English, Hindi, and Gujarati

On-time Reports

Online platform to access reports at anytime, from anywhere

User-Level Access

Restrict user access to void, delete, add, and updating of information

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