Inventory Management

Less dead stock more profit

Inventory Management

Manage stock effectively with PetroTech POS.

PetroTech POS gives you unique feeling, you will regret for all those years you are not using PetroTech POS and using other solutions for your gas station. With its simplified process of maintaining fuel stock, PetroTech POS will maximize your ROI (Return on Inventory) and boost sales opportunities

It is all about indirect relationship between your stock and your profit.

Inventory control

Inventory control

PetroTech POS inventory management provides you with real- time updates and lets you quickly locate and move inventory. With PetroTech POS, you can maintain vendor and purchase information either centrally or by store location.

Effective Pricing

Effective Pricing

PetroTech POS has been designed to give you total control over pricing and promotions management functionality. It also lets you execute limitless pricing strategies that provide real value to your customers, and maximize your profit as well

Inventory Order

Inventory Order

Handle change in demand much faster and smarter. PetroTech POS lets you make better decisions about what inventory to order. You can forecast the market based on historical data, sales forecasts, trends, and seasonal variations.

Sales & Promotion

Sales & Promotion

Hit the right targets with smart, valid promotions. With PetroTech POS, you’ll gain great insights for more intelligent marketing. Such as the most effective products to promote and the frequency at which to run advertisements.

Less costly, more productive, highly efficient

Our Features

Cloud-Based Data

Database back-up and remote access highly secures your data

Multilingual Support

24X7 Customer support in English, Hindi, and Gujarati

On-time Reports

Online platform to access reports at anytime, from anywhere

User-Level Access

Restrict user access to void, delete, add, and updating of information

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Selecting the right forecourt POS system or gas station software may be a devastating experience,but we are here to help every step of the way. Talk to our professionals to have explicit proposals custom-made to your exclusive requirements.

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