EMV and PCI compliance

More secure brings more trust

EMV & PCI compliance

Built-in EMV & PCI compliance with PetroTech POS

The petroleum industry is one of the last retailers to adopt EMV & PCI standards into their POS systems, inviting hackers to come and play with their terminals. Long back in December 2016, Visa modified its EMV acceptance timeline from 2017 to October 2020, for all fuel stations to adapt to this technology. If implemented successfully, EMV technology at gas stations has the potential to reduce counterfeit fraud by a high percentage, as EMV technology, in general, has reduced counterfeit fraud by 70 percent.

It is all about the direct relationship between securities you provide and the customer's trust you gain as a business

Convenient Pay

PetroTech POS increases customer service by allowing drivers to pay at the gas pump with major credit or debit cards. Our advanced processing system is easy to use, so drivers enjoy convenient self-service and fast approval while on the go.

Efficient Processing

PetroTech POS provides the most efficient payment processing which will create the unique experience for the customers. This helps create loyal customers, who are assured of having a secured transaction and time-saving payment processing options.

Increase Sales

PetroTech POS pay at station option can increase sales by reducing walk away triggered by long waiting time. Quick fuelling and the ability to accept card payments improves customer convenience and increases sales.


PetroTech POS offers built-in PCI-compliant payment processing services that enhances customer's trust to pay at the pump and gas station. Count on PetroTech POS to maintain high levels of payment security to reduce the risk of credit card fraud.

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Our Features

Intrinsic EMV & PCI

EVM & PCI at a station with contactless payment


Effortless Scan-Data

Scan Data reporting with major tobacco companies

Fuelling Control

Smooth operations like Approve, Terminate, and Pause-Resume

Price & Promotion

Grow your clientele with various mix and match promotions

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Let PetroTech POS fuel your business’ launch into the future of the petroleum industry with our cost-effective, EMV & PCI compliant solution.

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