Gift & Loyalty Cards

Effective promotion more footprints

Gift & Loyalty Cards

Managing promotion effectively with PetroTech POS.

Gift Cards can be an excellent marketing tool and can act as an incentive to buy, for both new and existing customers. Loyalty programmes work best when you connect customers into a real sense of belonging, affiliation or association with your brand. You can expect an increase in sales, with people typically spending more than the set amount on the card and still leaving satisfied.

It is all about the direct relationship between your promotion effectiveness and your customer footprints

Flexible Purchase

Flexible Purchase

Applying for gift cards as part of a promotion signifies the reason for flexible purchase. The consumers often make more significant purchases when using gift cards, apparently prompting customers to buy more than they may have decided.

Brand Investment

Brand Investment

You can get more investment as loyalty in your brand with your plastic gift card. Customers are more likely to keep purchase your products and stay with your brand, as they have already accumulated points rather than ‘start fresh’ with a competitor.

Raise your customer

Raise your customer

Gift cards are popular presents, especially since it’s tough to know what others would like as a present. Gift cards can function as ‘rewards’ for brand loyalty; they usually feature higher conversion rates than ugly old coupons.

Reason to re-engage

Reason to re-engage

Your email reminders about the gift cards or loyalty points to redeem is a great excuse to re-engage the rare visitors. These are rarely viewed as intrusive as your long-gone customers have money to burn and perhaps extra savings to enjoy.

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