Scan Data Program

Involve Scan Data Engage More Customers

Scan Data Program

Involve scan data easily with PetroTech POS

PetroTech POS lets the business raise its store   revenue up to 6% through our scan data programs. PetroTech POS automates scan data submissions   so the store can continue to profit while the      owners stay focused on their business. PetroTech POS scan data can be easily downloaded and shared with suppliers, manufacturers, and marketing firms. They can understand where, when, and what is selling, and vice-versa with submitted data that can advance the inventory process.

It is all about the direct relationship between your participation in scan data and customer engagement.

Scan Data Financial Incentives

Scan Data Financial Incentives

Business minds might think like there is no need to share data without any financial incentives! Your data can help to make the right product decisions. PetroTech POS auto-export scan data can save your money and make you more competitive.

Multi-Pack & Multi-Can Disscounts

Multi-Pack & Multi-Can Disscounts

By discounting your major selling products, your business can attract more potential customers and help retain the existing ones. The discounts can be passed right to your customers, allowing you to be more competitive in your pricing

Tobacco Scan Data Incentives

Tobacco Scan Data Incentives

Earn more for every tobacco product scanned at your business.The distributers are improving their business decisions, which makes you eligible to benefit from this decision, which can be a result of the business providing its input for the store data sharing.

 Loyalty Fund Programs

Loyalty Fund Programs

Raise competition with discounts received from tobacco companies. Tobacco products are a popular scan data program. You can pass these incentives on to your customer that increases customer counts, sales, and basket sizes.

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Our Features

Intrinsic EMV & PCI

EMV & PCI at a station with contactless payment

Effortless Scan-Data

Scan Data reporting with major tobacco companies

Fuelling Control

Smooth operations like Approve, Terminate, and Pause-Resume

Price & Promotion

Grow your clientele with various mix and match promotions

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