PetroTech POS will keep track of your POS terminals, access store systems, inventory, and enable reporting to your back office which can be sorted by weekly, monthly or yearly reports.

EMV & PCI compliance

The petroleum industry is one of the last retailers to adopt EMV & PCI standards into their POS systems, inviting hackers to come and play with their terminals. Long back in December 2016, Visa modified its EMV acceptance timeline from 2017 to October 2020, for all fuel stations to adapt to this technology. If implemented successfully, EMV technology at gas stations has the potential to reduce counterfeit fraud by a high percentage, as EMV technology, in general, has reduced counterfeit fraud by 70 percent.

Fuel Control

Reduce the trouble of manual fuel approval by incorporating an automated fuel management system into your fuelling stations. PetroTech POS provides a robust platform that allows operators to track and account for fuel inventory and fuel pumps to meet strict reporting requirements. PetroTech POS includes the most comprehensive software, for all your actions like approve, terminate, open, close, pause and resume.

Scan Data Program

PetroTech POS lets the business raise its store revenue by up to 6% through our scan data programs. PetroTech POS automates scan data submissions so the store can continue to profit while the owners stay focused on your business. PetroTech POS scan data can be easily downloaded and shared with suppliers, manufacturers, and marketing firms. They can understand where, when, and what is selling, and vice-versa with submitted data that can advance the inventory process.

Inventory Management

PetroTech POS gives you unique feeling, you will regret for all those years you are not using PetroTech POS and using other solutions for your gas station. With its simplified process of maintaining fuel stock PetroTech POS will maximize your ROI (Return on Inventory) and boost sales opportunities.

Customer Mangement

PetroTech POS helps you manage your customer with the unique feature of customer account management directly with a driver’s license, and you can track detailed transaction history and even customer club-specific promotions.

Employee Management

PetroTech POS is an out-of-the-box solution for establishments that oversee the needs of numerous workers. Maintain safe, reliable operations and store security, along with effective budgeting of time and staff with control of employee specifications. Reduce employee fraud and more efficiently monitor their hours with Clock In-Out.

Purchasing & Ordering

Your customers expect a smooth purchase process, convenient checkout, and stress-free returns. Delivering that customer experience for maximizing your profits, you need a one sight view of inventory and the ability to fulfill projected demands from anywhere within your business.

Online Portal

PetroTech Online empowers you with one-touch management for your gas station. You can manage your entire gas station from a single window. There is no need to be present at the gas station for Inventory, Sales Reports, Employee Management, Product Management, Scan Data, and even your Sales and Promotions can be done through the online portal which is accessible from anywhere.

Gift & Loyalty Card

Gift Cards can be an excellent marketing tool and can act as an incentive to buy, for both new and existing customers. Loyalty programmes work best when you connect customers into a real sense of belonging, affiliation or association with your brand. You can expect an increase in sales, with people typically spending more than the set amount on the card and still leaving satisfied.

Experience running a gas station with a POS system that is super-fast and extremely efficiently while being very user-friendly.

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